Punta Mita Style: Home Tour Time

There's nothing quite like a home tour from far off lands to kick my wanderlust into high gear. But before I start planning the next getaway, I have to share this amazing home in Punta Mita. Our jaws absolutely dropped when we pulled up to the front door the first time -- that VIEW!  Perched on a cliff over the Pacific, the whole house is oriented to take advantage of its stunning vista.  Casa Sofia Cristina.  Enjoy!

I love the attention to detail throughout the home. Check out these textiles and inlaid floors! With iconic images sprinkled as artwork throughout, it feels modern but also anchored in time and place.  And I love the combination of rich color (that pink powder room!) and architectural use of negative space to create such fascinating geometries. As you can tell I had fun just wandering around, checking out all the little things.

I didn't take many pictures of the bedrooms, which I should have. Sorry for that. But take a look at this upstairs suite. The view from that shower is to die for, and that deck!  Remind me to make sure all my vacations from here on out include a thatched roof ceiling I can wake up under. Not sure anything says vacation quite like that.

Hope you enjoyed this tour!  Next week I'll post a photo of a home down the street from this one. We didn't get to tour the inside, but the approach is incredible. Suffice it to say there are some unbelievable properties in this area.  Let me know what you liked and didn't like about this post in the comments and I'll incorporate it in my next home tour!  Always trying to make them more fun to read...

All photos via Two Little Limes.

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