It's Easy to Love Sundance

Monday I shared my film picks from Sundance, and today I thought I’d share some of the other things I love about this film festival. The films are obviously a big highlight, but for me, it’s a host of other details that make it such a unique & special event.

For starters, even sitting through a film is a different experience at Sundance. I mean, how often do you get to watch a movie with the cast and crew in the audience, and then have the director and key players answer Q&A about it after?

Director & cast of Weiner-Dog

Then there’s the fact that most of the theaters aren’t really theaters. One is a high school auditorium. One is a tennis club. One is the local library. One is in the ballroom of a small hotel. All these repurposed venues contribute to the intimacy of the festival, and give it the unpretentious feel it’s famous for. Because let’s be honest, Sundance would never be the same outside Park City.

Can you imagine looking out at this crowd?! At Eccles, a high school auditorium

Park City was made for this film festival. I love how much the community gets behind it, and the graciousness of the locals both volunteering and attending is a seriously big part of the magic. People are so dang friendly! You chat with people on the bus. You chat with people sitting next to you in the theater. You chat with people waiting in line…

Sometimes the people you chat with end up being part of a film. I’ll never forget the year my husband and I squashed into a crowded bus to the premier of Winter’s Bone, right next to two of the supporting actors from the film. How bizarre to then see these two totally normal, friendly people we’d met in character up on the big screen! Suffice it to say, being friendly and helpful is part of the #SundanceKarma.

What other wonderful things do I love about Sundance? It’s super casual and all about cold weather chic: jeans and comfy sweaters and warm things. Getting to see all the luscious winter styles is definitely a big plus for me. This year was all about textures. Soft greys, camels, creams, and blush pinks. Tons of tall boots. Remember all the shearling coats from a few years ago? Gone. I didn’t see a single one this year. Instead it was all puffers all the time. In fact, 2016 Sundance style is a lot more like Julianne Moore’s wardrobe in Maggie’s Plan. I – and the other women in the audience, judging from the questions during Q&A – was completely bowled over by her incredible costuming: simple, sophisticated, and very minimal-modern, it made a statement with its subtlety.

Photos via filminc.org, gotceleb.com, justjared.com

I also love Sundance in the snow. Most years, you get at least a little bit. I’ve had a few years where it absolutely dumped, all day long, and you feel like an Eskimo all bundled up tromping your way through the snow to your venue. Park City is such a beautiful place in the snow. There’s also the ski resort which people tell me you can have all to yourself during the Festival. And then there are some fabulous restaurants and great spots to stop for an après film hot toddy, which tastes even better on the snowy days!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you love most about the film festival!  I'm always looking for new things to check out while I'm there.  Happy Friday! 

All photos by Two Little Limes unless otherwise noted.

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