2015 Holiday Home Tour

Here we are, only one more day. And then, poof!  Christmas will have come and gone yet again.  I hope you've been able to enjoy the season. Sometimes we get so caught up preparing for it, we don't get much of a chance to stop and relish what a unique time of year it is.  That's what finally convinced me to share a home tour this year. I decided that after all the effort we go to making our spaces merry, we should just enjoy -- and share -- them more!  So here goes nothing. Grab your Santa mug, crank up the holiday tunes, breathe in the evergreen until your eyes water, and take a peek into our winter wonderland (if 70 degree weather can be called that) . . .

I should forewarn you that a Two Little Limes holiday is not very traditional. It's colorful. It's playful. It's a mishmash of traditions and tokens collected over many moons, mixed with gems from the backyard and local haunts. Nothing can be too precious in this house. We tend to throw it all together, use what suits us that year, and have fun with the happy jumble of memories and sparkle it creates. That's my favorite part about these holiday tours: seeing how creative people can get as they make it their own.

These wreaths were a Target creation. Take two basic faux boxwood wreaths, wrap in battery operated lights, wire on some fun ornaments from the clearance bin, and voilá, much cuter wreaths. This was also the first year we experimented with a garland, and I'm a convert. Again, I cobbled it together from Target finds (two $4 pieces of faux greenery and more ornaments), and it looks brilliant!  It completes the mantel vignette and sets off the Otomi stockings perfectly. Just enough, without being too much.

With little fingers everywhere, our more delicate pieces are relegated to higher ground for a while. A German candle carousel and Mexican hoja de lata nativity among them. We sprinkle in a variety of traditions when we can. They're a gentle but fun reminder that the world is much bigger than just us.

This ended up being a big year for nutcrackers and snow globes at our house. For some reason, my littles are fascinated by them.  So when I saw these fun, inexpensive ones, I couldn't resist. They add a great sense of humor to our rooms. My son has taken to stealing one and taping one down on his bookshelf so I "can't" put it back in the living room at night.

I do love a good old fashioned real Christmas tree. They smell amazing, they look gorgeous, and it's the one time a year the kids can't wait to go shopping. We deck ours with ornaments from our travels, our Christmas card photos, collectible Biedermann ornaments, and sentimental odds and ends from friends and family. And yes, you might find a stormtrooper or two. More on that soon.

At the end of the day, I think this year's Santa photo about sums up our holiday style. We come to it kicking and screaming, envisioning all the prep work that must be done, until we figure out how to have fun with it by making it our own and giving ourselves a chance to stop and savor it. Sister still has some work to do on that front, but Big Bro has his play down. Case in point, we spent today making NinjaBread men. Not gingerbread men, mind you, but Ninjabread men. He helped with every step of the way and had a ball (and if you've ever made gingerbread cookies, you know it is not an easy process to love).

So whether it's ninja cookies, shaggy fur stockings, leg lamps, or purple lights on the eaves of your house that makes you the happiest, here's to that. May you have a happy, healthy, beautiful holiday filled with the things that make your heart shine. We'll see you in back in 2016.

All photos by Two Little Limes.

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  • Dec 25, 2015

    Beautiful! Kids are what it is all about! Blessings in 2016!


  • Dec 24, 2015

    Your home and all the decorations look great. Fun site to visit. I like the nutcracker with the fish.

    — dave keller

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