Scene Stealers: Luxe Black + White

Is there ever a time when black and white don’t look incredibly chic? It’s hard not to be drawn in by the contemporary glamour of this simple scheme, especially when brought to life with lots of warm, textural neutrals. It’s all that lovely texture that keeps the extreme palette approachable, even inviting.

via Home Stratosphere, design by JUO

 via DesignSponge

Mixing it with metals is another route to black & white bliss.  But mental note that even when brightening it up with shimmer and shine, use a few rustic textures to bring it back down to Earth. The matte black of those fixtures give almost a velvety, ceramic look that serves as a textural counterweight to the reflective gold.

This feels like a good time to take a peek at some more black & white eye candy, doesn't it?

 via Katie Martinez Design

via DecorPad

via Catherine Kwong Design

via Stephanie Buchman Photography

via The Curated House

via Hello Lidy

It might be easy to fall into a one-dimensional abyss with such a basic palette, but do it right and you've got depth for miles.  Not to mention a fantastic foundation from which to show off your collected treasures and mementos from afar. What do you think?  Would you ever go bold with black & white in one of your rooms? 

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