One Room Challenge: Big Reveal Time!

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for! Six weeks fly by when you have a remodel and a gaggle of virtual partners to keep you company. I am seriously excited to show off my Great Garage Overhaul. What a difference it makes to come home to a healthy, happy little back entrance (a space this cute deserves a better name than ‘garage’).

If you're just now catching up, here is the weekly play by play:

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Now, I realize garages are not exactly the peak of chic, or the best rooms to showcase a fabric story or get creative with luscious fixtures and hardware. These are hard working rooms, but they too deserve to look nice, and even get dressed up once in a while. With an extra fridge and a well-positioned little nook, ours had the potential to be a handy little quasi-butler’s pantry when we entertain. And let’s be honest, we needed something more inspiring than this to come home to each night…

The vision for the nook came from a wedding we attended years ago in Tuscany. Makes perfect sense for a garage, right? Well, our room had the world's cutest blue Smeg. So random, but it added a memorable touch of retro whimsy to a beautiful country estate. That memory inspired us to buy our mint green Smeg, and for the ORC, I wanted to replicate the feeling of that villa (at least in the  nook). Even without the aged stone and giant lavender hedges, I knew we could get to a similar clean, rustic-vintage feel. Here is the original design board:

So, if timeless and organic met clean-lined vintage with a little shot of Italian chic on the side, I’d like to think this is what it might look like. I should also mention that we largely limited ourselves to using things we already owned or could purchase with leftover gift cards. A girl’s got to save her pennies for the next ORC! But enough talk. On to the tour.

First things first, we brightened the whole space with new paint for a crisp, sophisticated, clean slate. I love how the two greys soften the functional areas. That long workbench finally feels like it lives in a home, rather than a barn.

The far wall still feels more workshop-y than I’d like, but at least the chaos has been corralled. The kids can get to their toys, we can get to our tools, and we found discreet homes for all our large sports equipment. Minor miracle, that one.

Now, the good stuff.

There you have it! Did I deliver on a retro-rustic-chic Italian butler's pantry? I hope you’ve enjoyed my first One Room Challenge as much as I have. Please leave me a comment with the verdict, I love the feedback.

A big thanks to our fearless leader Linda from Calling it Home for creating this wonderfully motivating program, and to my fellow guest participants who commented, liked, and shared their thoughts along the way. I have loved meeting you! You can check out their final reveals as well here. One last thank you to Cutting Edge Stencils for sponsoring our Week 4 giveaway.

I’ll list a few key things below, but come back next week for a full rundown on resources. Let me know if there is a specific piece you’re curious about and I’ll be sure to include it!

All photos by Two Little Limes.


Benjamin Moore (x2) // Cutting Edge Stencils  // Barn Light Electric // Ikea (x2) // Two Little Limes (x2) // BeWildAndFree // Target

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  • Nov 21, 2015

    This is such a fun and colorful pantry area. I adore the fridge, and can not believe that is a stencil. Love this. Happy Thanksgiving.

    — Linda @ Calling it Home

  • Nov 15, 2015

    Boy…this is the prettiest garage ever! I love the green Smeg and the yellow light…..I think I saw on Instagram the hand painted floors and was wowed! Swell job on this makeover:)

    — sherry hart

  • Nov 14, 2015

    I like “the fun stuff.” There’s hope for garages afterall!

    — Corinna - A Designer At Home

  • Nov 14, 2015

    What a bright and functional space! This makes me want to tackle my garage ASAP. Great work. I especially LOVE the black and white floor.

    — amanda

  • Nov 13, 2015

    Who knew a garage could be so chic?!! Well done!

    — Lesley Metcalfe

  • Nov 13, 2015

    I love this! The nook is absolutely the best! I just love everything in it. You garage looks so neat and organized. Great, great job!

    — Erin @ The Organized Life

  • Nov 13, 2015

    What a great use of space! I love your black and white floor — a stencil? The Smeg is too cute! This is so organized, and I am really inspired to get my unpainted cabinets painted finally, and you have given me some great ideas.

    — Ellen

  • Nov 12, 2015

    wow, so organized. I really love the scalloped floor!

    — jessica

  • Nov 12, 2015

    I can’t believe this is all a garage! I love the black and white floor…and the smeg of course! And I’d pretty much kill for the built in and that kind of organization in my garage. Great job!!!!

    — christine dovey

  • Nov 12, 2015

    Who knew a garage could be such a pleasant space?! Huge transformation! Great job, McKenna!

    — Lulu

  • Nov 12, 2015

    I adore the added kid workspace… That’s such a fabulous idea. Also, I’m slightly jealous of your tool organization. You accomplished a lot!

    — Ashley@Biggerthanthethreeofus

  • Nov 12, 2015

    Fantastic job on the garage. It looks terrific!!


    — dave keller

  • Nov 12, 2015

    I love what you have done with the space and that you did it with very little money! Who wants to spend money on the garage? You’ve inspired me to tackle my dungeon of a garage!

    — Bettye@bunnyhillcottage

  • Nov 12, 2015

    I love that fridge so much! The garage looks so great. You did a fantastic job!

    — Teresa

  • Nov 12, 2015

    Coolest.garage.ever! LOVE!

    — Samantha

  • Nov 12, 2015

    Okay that fridge is amazing, and I am loving the painted floor. Congrats!


    — Designs By Katy

  • Nov 12, 2015

    Wow! What an enviable garage space- so clean and organized and PRETTY! Mine is the exact polar opposite right now. It is a disaster area! Hahaha…I am just going to park at your house. :)

    — Laura Irion

  • Nov 12, 2015

    Thank you all so much for your sweet words! I really appreciate your following along!

    — McKenna

  • Nov 12, 2015

    Wow, McKenna!! You’ve got skills!! Your garage looks so good it has inspired me to clean mine out.

    — Laura Hamel

  • Nov 12, 2015

    McKenna – You are amazing!! The garage nook IS AMAZING and seeing the transformation take place has been amazing.
    Donna, your mother-in-law.

    — Donna

  • Nov 12, 2015

    it looks awesome- so fresh! i have total aqua smeg envy, too!

    — cassie @ primitive & proper

  • Nov 12, 2015

    Love this, especially the scale tile and yellow light fixture!

    — mary beth at MBZ interiors

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