One Room Challenge: Let the Install Begin (& Winner!)

We're so close to the end I can taste it!  It hardly seems possible we were way back at this mess only 5 short weeks ago. Now that we’ve delivered on the clean-out, the paint, and the stenciled floor, it’s time to round the final bend and bring the full vision to life. And announce the lucky winner of last week's giveaway!  Let the install game begin. 

If you're just now tuning in to the One Room Challenge, hosted by Calling it Home, you can catch up with my great garage overhaul here:

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This week was all about placing the larger furniture pieces in the nook, putting the rest of the garage back together again, and knocking all the remaining little stuff off the list – like those awful doorknobs. Of course the first thing we wanted to do was see how that cute little Smeg fit into his new and improved surroundings. Much pushing and pulling and lifting with the legs later, the old boy looked right at home. That Thundercloud Gray paint, I’m still in love with it.

The Ivar shelving and chest from Ikea are also live. Most of this I had before, packed in boxes under that colossal pile in the “before” pictures. However, as Murphy’s Law would hold, I was missing one key upright that would allow me to split the large bookshelf into two. Which of course I didn't realize until midway through reassembly, after I had torn through all the boxes looking for the "lost" piece. Two trips to Ikea (don't ask) and one afternoon staining the new upright later, we are finally good to go.

Check out this cute butcher block island I’m using as a workspace. It’s Ikea’s Groland, and I stained it to match the shelves with MinWax Ipswich Pine Oil-Based Interior Wood Stain. I love the warm honey tones of this stain and the organic texture the pieces give the space. They provide a nice counterpoint to the high-style fridge and floor, don't you think?

I did end up going back over the workbench pegboard with the Thundercloud Gray. It balances the nook out and adds depth to that massive expanse of wall. While I was at it, I used some leftover clear coat from the stenciled floor to protect the top of the workbench as well. It always gets so dirty and dinged up, maybe this will help it last a little longer. I have a whole heap of new pegboard hooks I'm dying to get into this weekend. Clean & organized magic is coming to that workbench, I tell you!

Then there was the issue of all our large sports equipment. The world's largest paddleboard? Check! There was no way I was giving up that much wall space again. See how cleanly it fits over the top of the garage door?  Such precision (this was all my better half and talented father-in-law).

The bikes. You should see my super-complicated original hanging rack for these. It's laughable. All I needed were two of these babies and a drill. Double check! 

The kids’ toys… still trying to figure this one out. But then, baby girl is already 18 months so we’ve got what, 6 more months to deal with the bulk of this stuff? #problems

And finally, in between bouts of touch-up spackling and painting, I replaced the last pesky remnant of the 1961 version of this garage: door knobs.  Ka-ching.

I'm still a bit giddy at the transformation taking place...and lack of sleep...but before I space out, my better half deserves a huge shout-out for his patience and muscles in helping (tolerating) me through this project. I am one lucky girl. I assure you this would look very different without his help.

Next up, styling! It won't be anything too over the top given this is a garage and subject to extreme temperatures, but I do have a few fun things up my sleeve for next week. Fingers crossed.

Now the fun part: Our winner from last week’s giveaway! Congratulations to Kelsey G. for winning a free stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils, the source of my awesome Fishscale Allover design on the floor. Thanks to all of you for reading and entering the contest. I appreciate it so much you’ll all be receiving a promo code for 10% off at Two Little Limes.

Thank you again for stopping by, and to those of you who have left comments.  I hope you've been enjoying the One Room Challenge as much as I have.  I love following up on everyone's progress.  Click here to see for yourself.

See you back next week for the final reveal!

All photos by Two Little Limes.

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  • Nov 08, 2015

    Oh this is looking so good!! The nook looks like it could pass as a living room. Loving it all so far!

    — Teresa

  • Nov 06, 2015

    Thank you, Samantha!

    — Mckenna

  • Nov 06, 2015

    Oh my word, I’m loving what you’ve done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    — Samantha

  • Nov 05, 2015

    YES! :) Check your email for the details, Kelsey! So happy for you!

    — McKenna@TwoLittleLimes

  • Nov 05, 2015

    Is that me?!?! My name is Kelsey G!!!!!

    — Kelsey G

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