Wanderlust Wednesday: Canton Trade Days

This one is for all the intrepid explorers out there who love a good treasure hunt. Canton, Texas was made for you! Home to the country’s oldest continuously operating – and arguably largest – trade/flea/antiques market, the Canton Trade Days (aka First Mondays) sit about 45 minutes east of Dallas. I hadn’t been in years, so now that the weather’s cooling down I thought I’d hop by and check it out.

If you follow me on Instagram @2LittleLimes, you already got to play a little love it or leave it with some the treasures I found… and that wasn’t even the half of it! This place is a mecca for creative and crafty people. Anyone with a passion for inventing, making, upcycling, or reimagining will love the raw materials available in this place. You’re really only limited by your endurance (this place is seriously enormous, though the scooter rentals can help with that), your willingness to keep digging, and your imagination.

Vintage and new merchandise, craft supplies, handmade goods, and food options to rival any state fair – Canton has a bit of everything.  They even have animals, but with my allergies, I steered clear of that section.  And people watching! Don’t let me forget that. Part of the fun is meeting people over lunch and hearing their stories, or listening to their questions as they negotiate the best price on vintage… how should I phrase it… chamber pots that they’re planning to turn into birdhouses. I can’t make this stuff up, people. They have everything.

Unfortunately this past weekend conflicted with the Round Top market down near Austin, so many of the regular antiques dealers were not in town. Sad face, but as you can see I didn’t suffer from lack of inspiration. And now I have an excuse to go back next month.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite finds from this month’s Canton Trade Days. Which are your faves? When you go, remember to take your walking shoes, wear plenty of sunscreen, bring cash, and leave the heavy shoulder bag at home (my bad, again). And go early - it gets crazy around lunch time!

Canton First Mondays Trade Days begin the Thursday before the first Monday of each month. It runs Thursday – Sunday, sun up to sun down. The next one starts October 29th - November 1 but check their website for the full calendar because the dates can get a little confusing.

All photos from Two Little Limes.

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  • Oct 24, 2015

    Thanks lulu! That pie was delish!

    — McKenna

  • Oct 21, 2015

    Great finds in Canton and such fun! I like pie!

    — lulu

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