Escape to Oaxaca!

This is a big week in our house. Not only did we just kick off the Great Garage Challenge of 2015 (otherwise known as the One Room Challenge), but the Better Half and I took off for a belated anniversary getaway to a place I have been dying to explore: Oaxaca!

I am such a sucker for adventures like this, and Oaxaca promises to be a big one. The Valley of Oaxaca has been settled since 500 B.C. That's a crazy long time! There is a huge cross-section of vibrant indigenous groups in the area, and of course the Spaniards left quite a mark, so Oaxaca is full of rich culture and history. It's also known for food, shopping, and some pretty incredible natural beauty. There is so much to do and see! I know we won’t be able to fit everything in, but I’m trying to think of this as a scouting mission for a longer future visit for the whole family. A girl can dream.

Needless to say, the short 6-week deadline makes me a bit concerned about not making major progress on the One Room Challenge this weekend, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to hop across the border. So bear with me on next week’s ORC update, stay turned for a longer recap of our adventure, and follow me on Instagram @2LittleLimes for pics from Oaxaca! And enjoy a little pre-trip inspiration! More photos and stories soon...

Dia de los Muertos in Oaxaca via Gabriel Gomez

Oaxaca Botanical Gardens via ChattyKathyChatsAndCooks

View of Monte Alban via Roaring Rhino

I hear I need to try these...chapulines.... via Christine Zenino

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