Scene Stealers: The Art of the Postcard

Postcards make me happy.  Finding one in the mail, slipping out from between the bills, catalogs, and solicitations, never ceases to be a thrill. There’s a lot to love about a pocket-sized piece of art. Whether beautiful, witty, silly, or thought-provoking (or all of the above), they’re a little like rainbow sprinkles. You don’t get to enjoy them very often and they certainly don’t last forever, but they make whatever it is infinitely more exciting when you do.

Photos: Oscar Graubner, 1934. Herb Ritts, 1993. MINKKINEN Arno Rafael, 1971.

When I was young, I collected postcards like it was my job. My parents rarely sprang for souvenir knick-knacks, but they were almost always good for a 50 cent postcard. From travel postcards I graduated to art, advertising, historical photos, basically anything I found visually arresting. They were inexpensive, easy to carry, and wonderful reminders of my adventures. My dorm rooms usually featured a postcard gallery wall or two to remind me of the humanity and creativity hibernating deep down inside me while I stuffed my brain full of Krebs cycles, game theory, and Descartes.

Photo: Two Little Limes

I still love a good postcard when I see one. My home currently features a few gems my husband and I picked up over the years and use to remind us of special moments or discoveries we shared. This past year I even had postcards made for baby girl’s first birthday invitations. I wanted something fun, cheap, and not too precious, and they fit the bill perfectly. Even better: they match her room beautifully.

Photo: Two Little Limes

Photo: Two Little Limes

I continue to believe that postcards are a great way to add a little love and life to a neglected nook in your home. Tiny spaces beg for tiny solutions, and I am so inspired by how creative people can get with them! As evidenced by some of these beautiful applications, they don’t just belong in dorm rooms under strings of twinkle lights.

Photo: Two Little Limes

Photo: thestylebox.com

Photo: Pinterest/Amy Mergard

Photo: Apartment Therapy

Photo: fzon.info

Photo: Buzzfeed

So what say you? I love Instagram as much as the next gal, but would you go old-school and bring a few lovely postcards into your home?


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