One Room Challenge: The Great Garage Overhaul of 2015

Yes, you read it right. I decided to take my own advice, get inspired by the One Room Challenge, and tackle one of my larger "papercut projects." Unsexy as it is, our biggest need is to create a shining beacon of glorious, organized delight out of our garage. Which is another way of saying we desperately need to tackle the mess and wake up a very sad space that no one enjoys coming home to. Faded 1960’s faux paneling, anyone?

My favorite part of this little adventure is that we’ll be reworking a dingy, neglected nook up front and turning it into the sweetest little pantry extension you ever did see.  I'm so excited for it to live up to its potential! It's been on my dream punch list since we moved in. However, if we're being honest, this project feels a bit like a den of hungry pit vipers. Suffice it to say, I'm exercising completely new muscles.

Here’s the fun part. With the One Room Challenge, I won't be alone! I’ll be working through it with a crew of other online participants. Remember when I covered The Pursuit of Style's ORC makeover? Linda from Calling it Home dreamed up the ORC, which invites 20 design-savvy bloggers to document one room's transformation over six weeks. It is seriously addictive and so fun to follow along each spring and fall. This year I decided to jump in through the linking event.

OK, on to the challenge part. As I mentioned, my garage is no paragon of efficiency or style. My poor Better Half can’t even park his car inside, the chaos has gotten so out of hand. My five year old is afraid to get a juice box by himself. If you look closely (which I try never to do), you will notice the trim around the doors (or lack thereof) looks absolutely hideous. Did I mention the paneling?

It does feature one glimmer of hope: our mint green Smeg. I seriously heart my little Italian icebox, but you wouldn't know it to see him. The poor thing gets no love sandwiched back in the corner of what could be, but is currently anything but, a nice little nook. So that’s the concept in a nutshell. With the Smeg as inspiration, we’re going to clean up and transform this little nugget into a proper Italian butler’s pantry of sorts: drink fridge, stylish storage, and counter space, with some attitude.

Naturally, there are a few technical hurdles before we can get to the fun part. We must address some scary bent up metal trim, nails, and major splinters on the floor. Clear out a colossal mound of stuff. Replace and fix trim around the doors. Convince my Better Half that it's time for old Mac MacTarnahan to find a happier home.


Visit us next Thursday for a look at the inspiration I’ll use and the plan to get it all done in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. You can also follow along with me on Instagram @2LittleLimes for sneak peeks of our progress.  Do you think we can do it in time for the big reveal on November 12? Send me your prediction, and of course any great ideas you have to make this place sing! I need them.

Until next week!

All photos by Two Little Limes.

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  • Oct 08, 2015

    Oh my, if the garage is going to put that gorgeous SMEG on display, that’s all I need to know. It’s going to be fabulous!

    — Melissa @ Polished Habitat

  • Oct 08, 2015

    I love garage ORCs…such a fun choice and I’m looking forward to following your progress!

    — christine doveyq

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