About Us

At Two Little Limes, we believe in the journey of life and the power of travel to transform us. Our thirst for adventure and curiosity to explore are matched only by our appreciation for the beauty of unfamiliar things and the lessons they teach us. We live to celebrate discoveries and share them with our loved ones. Whether the road of life takes us across the sea or across the neighborhood, we want to help you bring the world home.

As an online marketplace, we are committed to finding uncommonly beautiful artist- and artisan-made goods that blend contemporary design with time-honored techniques. We love color, texture, exquisite workmanship, and that extra, joyous spark that grabs your attention and fires up your imagination.

But we don’t just look for stunning pieces. Equally important to us are the people who make these wonderful items and the processes they use to create them. We believe small businesses have the power to build stronger communities while adding another layer to the story behind each piece they make. We also believe that celebrating the cultural traditions that created these rich art forms makes us, and our spaces, infinitely more fascinating.

WE ARE . . .

  • Fresh design with a thirst for adventure
  • Global chic with a desire to share
  • Here to engage, provoke thought, and celebrate the joy of well-traveled living