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There's something about a monogram you just have to love. In a world where so much is available to us at the touch of a button, monograms give us a beautiful way to make things our own.  Always chic and custom, they can go super fancy with formal swirls and embellishment, or keep it simple, modern, and fun. One thing is for sure. The moment you add a monogram, you give that piece a story.

Leontine Linens headquarters photographed by Heather Schneider in Matchbook Magazine; Saddle Stitch Monograms; Design Darling

I love this quote from Glenn O'Brien, J. Crew's style expert:

"The monogram is an elegant way to make your mark. It's your name boiled down to the essence, executed with graphic artistry. It's as old as the coat of arms and it was used as a hallmark in metalwork, ceramics, and graphics, marking the genuine article."

Of course, it also bears mentioning that monograms aren't limited to just your initials. Make like Elvis, and create your own personal slogan to customize your things!  (His was TCB, aka "Taking Care of Business.")

via Two Little Limes

I think monograms are a fantastic way to make a small gift that much more personal and meaningful. This year, I monogrammed hand towels for some family members using the Two Little Limes Joya towels.  I'm kind of obsessing over how cute this warm set turned out with its sleek style and two-toned lettering.

via Two Little Limes

Here is the blue set. I love how that dynamic looking "K" plays off the mini pom-poms. So cute and fun. I think I'm going to do napkins and one of our small 15" square Joya pillows next.  What do you think, should I go for a full three-letter initial?

If you're really looking to get creative with monograms, take a look at Kimberly Schlegel Whitman's book, Monograms for the Home. It is chock full of monogram trivia, best practices, and glorious images of creative ways to incorporate them in your home.

Monograms for the Home

Send me your thoughts on monograms.  Too stuffy, or super chic?  Would you like to have the option for embroidered monogramming like this on your Two Little Limes purchases? If you email me I can have it done for you, but I'm considering making it an option at purchase. Let me know if you would use it!

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