Best of Fall 2015 One Room Challenge

Now that the six-week One Room Challenge is over, I have to admit I'm missing it. My first ORC was quite the journey, and I couldn't be happier with the results (intended and not!) There's something inspiring about watching people work through their challenges. Especially when they end up with rooms as stunning as these!  There is some serious talent in this group, and while I highly recommend you check more of them out, I picked out a few personal favorites to get you started. Enjoy . . .

via Two Little Limes

Avery Street Design

Here is a great example of how to multiply your curb appeal 9,000%.  Black trim, new carriage garage doors, and some gorgeous front doors that come with an awesome story of how they made it to the party on time. You want to read this. You will feel vindicated for all your crazy DIY ideas over the years.

via Avery Street Design

The Curated House

As I posted earlier this week, this living room renovation does black & white the way I love it best. Chic, sophisticated, yet warm and varied with lots of great texture. Be sure to take a closer look at the wallpaper, photo above the fireplace, and desk. So lovely!

from The Curated House

White Dog Vintage

Take one blue-walled, carpeted space about the width of a football field and magically transform it into a bright and airy mid-century modern guest room?  Yes, please. She even did it while figuring out a solve to an unexpected color dilemma! That's what I call good.

via White Dog Vintage

Whaling City Cottage

You will never believe the amount of work Erin and her husband put into revitalizing this adorable classic mudroom in a 1950's Cape Code house in Whaling City, CT.  I loved following along with her, but I swear it would take her (considerable) sense of humor to get me through all those subfloor issues! That gorgeous new herringbone slate floor and shiplap walls, though....yummy.

via Whaling City Cottage

Design Loves Detail

This one I just had to share.  It is every child's (and some adults') dream come true. Campground-themed playroom with loft and indoor slide. Need I say more? Be sure to check out the "campground" area not shown in the photo below.

via Design Loves Detail

And now, from the 20 design bloggers who "officially" participated in the One Room Challenge, these three really delivered the goods.  You will not believe these transformations!

Hi, Sugarplum!

This was the first ORC reveal I checked out and it still takes my breath away!  Glossy lacquered new built ins! Glorious color palette! That art, and be still my heart, that rug. This room is knock 'em dead genius.

from Hi, Sugarplum!

Design Manifest

Naomi from Design Manifest didn't just take on one room. She reworked an entire condo on Philadelphia's Main Line. In six weeks. And it included a custom fabricated steel sleeve to cover an ugly counter top. I do not jest. It's unreal. Check this out.

from Design Manifest

The English Room

Ever wondered how to decorate around a royal purple sectional sofa? Take my advice and listen to Holly! This room is fearless. She makes antelope, malachite, and mohair look like they were born for each other. Be sure to look close in here - her eye for detail (and artwork!) is incredible.

via The English Room

I hope you like these as much as I did.  Swing by Calling it Home and let me know in the comments which others you loved!

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