How to Hang the Perfect Hammock

Successfully hanging a hammock does not have to be complicated! A little planning – and measuring – works wonders, and while there are a bazillion more possible set-ups, we’ll walk through three common scenarios. So grab your tape measure, answer these three questions, and you'll be hammocking in no time!

First: Where to hammock?

  • Suspended from two trees or overhead beams
  • Attached to pillars, poles, or wall studs
  • Hung on a hammock stand

Before you answer, measure! The distance available between your anchor points should be at least 14-17 feet for all Two Little Limes hammocks. Longer distances can be spanned with straps or chains. Generally, our hammocks should be anchored 4-5 feet high to allow enough ground clearance. The wider the space between anchor points, the higher the attachments will need to be.

If you decide to go with a stand, compare the dimensions with your hammock. As our hammocks are oversized, we recommend a width of at least 14 feet for all Two Little Limes hammocks. We like this one, (pictured below) which allows the hammock to open out straight from the anchor points, as opposed to designs which put undue stress on the scale lines by forcing them to fold over a support bar.

Second: How to attach?

  • Tree-safe hanging straps for trees (obviously) or temporary set-ups
  • Mounting hardware, which is ideal for pillars/posts/wall studs but work for any spot where you may want a more permanent solution
  • Hammock stands typically come with their own hardware, usually chains + weight rated carabiners

Hanging straps have a loop of fabric at one end and a metal eye ring at the other. We like this kit from Algoma. Estimate how far out you need your metal ring to reach and wrap the rest of the strap around the tree. Run the metal ring through the loop in the strap and pull tight. Line up the strap ring with the metal eye ring on your hammock and connect with a carabiner rated for lifting. Repeat on the other side.

Alternatively, you can reach for your power drill and head to the hardware store where they can help you find the mounting hardware needed for a hammock in your particular situation. This typically includes two coarse-threaded, forged 4-inch eyebolts, two lengths of chain appropriate for the width between your anchor points, and four carabiners rated for lifting. Make sure your carabiners fit through the eyebolts and the links in your chain. Drive the eyebolts into the tree, post, or stud. Connect a carabiner to the eyebolt anchor and the eye ring on the hammock, using the chain if needed to span the distance. Check the bolts periodically for stability and to ensure the tree doesn't grow over them.

Keep in mind that S-hooks rated for lifting can be substituted for carabiners, but we prefer the locking mechanism carabiners offer.

Third: Is the height right?

Before jumping in, test your hammock and adjust it for height.

Now that you’re hooked up, it’s time to test your set-up and adjust anchor height and strap/chain tension as needed for the best ride. With that done, it’s time to kick up your feet and enjoy the little oasis you’ve created!

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